Sunday School & Seeds of Faith

The Pastors’ Sermons will be following the Sunday School curriculum for May – August 2015 so we have a few changes for summer 2015 (see below – 10:30am service).

When your family first arrives at Country Oaks, you will want to head to the chapel where our registration/check-in table is located. We want to provide a safe and welcoming environment for you and your children, so we have set up a computerized check-in program called Lamb’s List. Allow our friendly Lamb’s List servants to greet you, help you check-in, and find your way to the appropriate classrooms. Each child will receive an adhesive information tag, which includes the child’s name, the parent’s names, classroom, and a 3-digit security code. The parent will receive a small “claim ticket” with the matching 3-digit code for each of their children. Parents who utilize our nursery will receive a pager so you can be called if your baby is in need of your attention.

9:00am Worship Service

Our 9:00am Sunday School program is for the whole family, but we are particularly excited about our unified Bible curriculum. K-12 students all go through Answers Bible Curriculum. Each child in your family will receive teaching on the same portion of Scripture so that you can continue the discussion in the car on the way home and throughout the week in the home. The bulletin and a handy family devotional guide are available to help you with conversation starters. This is a wonderful tool for parents to be “pastors of their homes”.

Sunday School Classes
     ACORNS Nursery (Newborn to 18 months) Room 110
     ACORNS 18 months to 36 months Room 109
     ACORNS 3’s Room 108
     ACORNS 4’s Room 107
     ACORNS Pre K & Kindergarten (5&6) Room 106
     SEEDLINGS 1st & 2nd Grade Room 303
     SEEDLINGS 3rd & 4th Grade Room 401
     SEEDLINGS 5th & 6th Grade Room 402
     MIGHTY OAKS Jr./Sr. High School The Grove

10:30 a.m. Worship Service

At our 10:30 AM service, we invite the whole family to worship together. We believe it is important for children to see the entire Body of Christ praising God. However, we recognize that most young children are not developmentally ready to participate in a 45 minute exposition of Scripture. So, during the sermon, we dismiss the children to “Seeds of Faith.” This program provides systematic theology at age appropriate levels for children up to sixth grade. The curriculum we use is extremely God-centered instead of child-centered. We understand that our children are already too focused on themselves. We want to give them a great, big view of God so that they will be filled with awe and a desire to fear and love God and obey His commands.

Seeds of Faith
     ACORNS Nursery (Newborn to 18 months) Room 110
     ACORNS 18 months to 36 months Room 109
     ACORNS 3’s & 4’s Room 108
     ACORNS Pre K & Kindergarten (5&6) Room 106/107
     SEEDLINGS 1st & 2nd grade Room 201
     SEEDLINGS 3rd through 6th grade For Summer of 2015 the 3rd-6th graders will stay with their parents in the Worship Center for entire service.  There will be a Children’s Activity Page available for them to fill in while they listen to the sermon.

Our Pre-School and Elementary children’s Groups are a perfect complement to the Adult Programs. Taught by people who love to share Jesus with children, Country Oaks provides a safe environment for your children to learn and grow. The purpose of COBC is to lead people of all ages into a loving relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord.

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